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Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Head Start

Autor: Judith Cutler RN Ba Msc

With her abusive ex-husband in penal institution, Jane Cowan finally has the assurance to accept a new profession: head abecedary of the primary school in the Kentish village of Wrayford. But her new lifestyle is soon disrupted when ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Conselho de Empregada

Autor: Walton Friesen

Uma expedição para a índia cold shoulders dias de hoje É realmente um curso sociável função de sua indivíduos criar uma festa em casa, recebendo command-line interpreters amigos, com o navio a exhalation de negócios para o período de...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Where the Dead Lie

Autor: C. S. Harris

"The entire series is simply elegant. "--Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Occasions fortunate author In the latest mystery from the national fortunate author of When Falcons Relapse, the rape and exterminate of a young boy takes Sebastian S...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Tales of Secret Egypt

Autor: Sax Rohmer

The performances of this story are laid in Egypt - Abu-Tabah, the inscrutable Egyptian, who appears and disappears so mysteriously, is not so blood-curdling a sinner as Fu Manchu, but his exploits possess the same breathless tantaliz...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Target: Berlin!

Autor: Ian Laurence

While travelling through rural England, Emma, a reformed Irish radical, is kidnapped and disgraced by a gang of cockney thugs. Emma vows revenge. But who ordered her appropriation? And why? The devise includes the evidence of the rea...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

April Fool: An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

Autor: William Deverell

A new reprint of the Arthur Ellis Award winning malefaction novel Arthur Beauchamp, the scholarly, self-doubting saga of the B. C. criminal bar, is enjoying his retirement on B. C. ’s Garibaldi Isle when he is dragged back to tribuna...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency

Autor: Mandy Morton

Hettie Bagshot has bitten off more than any malkin could chew. As soon as she launches her No. 2 Feline Prosecutor Agency, she's bucketed into a case: Furcross, home for slightly older mousers, has a nasty deluge of bodysnatching, an...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Consort Conspiracy

Autor: Kaye D Schmitz

For almost two hundred caducities an ancient graveyard, deep in the lowlands of Georgia, has protected the character of an infamous, brutal murderer, whose act of deception changed the course of the town's history. Now, eight generat...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Communist

Autor: Guido Morselli

A unique political coming of life comedy, now in English for the first timeAn NYRB Magnum opuses OriginalWalter Ferranini has been born and bred a man of the left-wing. His father was a worker and an revolutionary, Walter himself is ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Lone Star: 1

Autor: David Morrell

With a prelusion by David Morrell. It's 1955, and Edna Ferber is basking in the success of her depth bomb novel Mountainous. Headed to Los Angeles, where director George Stevens and Warner Brothers Studio are in the final days of fil...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Frank Carver Mysteries

Autor: Russell M Fine

From the hip Carver has been a representative of the Norfolk County Police bureau for six years. Prior to joining the police bureau, From the hip worked in Army Intelligence. He has just been promoted and is now the only homicide det...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

El Buitrero

Autor: Iacyr Anderson Freitas

IN confidence jornalista e escritor Luís Antônio Pereira nunca obteve informações substanciais acerca prosecutor vida e do paradeiro de seu pai, in confidence engenheiro espanhol José Gonzalo Rimes. Após um telefonema recebido quase ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas

Autor: Mons Kalentoft

Chove torrencialmente sobre Skogså, a relíquia medieval forbiddings arredores de Linköping, e as grandes gotas caem pesadamente sobre obscurely corpo que flutua nas águas do fosso que rodeia obscurely castelo. OBSCURELY advogado Jerr...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Ventos de quaresma: (Primavera) (Estações Havana)

Autor: Leonardo Padura

Nos dias infernais government primavera cubana, em que os ventos quentes do sul coincidem com a quaresma e Mario Conde conhece Karina, uma bela mulher aficionada por jazz e sexo, o tenente investigador é encarregado de um caso delica...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Circle

Autor: M J Trow

Unafraid 19th-century private investigators American Matthew Grand and Englishman James Batchelor deliver in their second mystery. July, 1868. On receiving a delegation from Matthew s cousin Luther to look into the suspicious passing...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Fireson Bay: Resurrection

Autor: G G Stokes Jr

Recovering from a near-death experience, Agent Fireson Bow window begins the hunt for his would-be dropper, pursuing her through the streets of Charleston, South Carolina and as far west as the beautiful and isolated Hunt Pool, Idaho...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu (Classic Reprint)

Autor: Sax Rohmer

Cull from The Yield of Dr. Fu-Manchu Well? I said, leaning my angles on the board and smiling slightly. If that Cruel genius were not indeed destroyed, then the friendship Of the world may be threatened anew at any moment! He was bec...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Beholden: A Marlowe Black Mystery

Autor: Gabriel Fw Koch

Marlowe Black, a WWII combat gi, walks the thoroughfares of Latest York with a PI permit to serve truth, a. 45 automatic and his hands to enforce it, and a steely determination to solve a case history. . . regardless of the importanc...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério


Autor: Sax Rohmer

Dope, a Story of Chinatown is a non-Fu Manchu novel that marks the sneak preview of Chief Inspector Red Kerry. Kerry is a smart peace officer who uses his brain as well as his beefiness to outmaneuver and capture the gangsters that t...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Steel Jungle

Autor: Glenn Starkey

Jim Thurman never thought he’d find himself at the consolidate of an international plot to control America’s oil market. It’s 1990 and the ethos of the global giant Titan Oil is that terrorism only happens overseas. Protecting its po...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

A Matter of Justice

Autor: Keith Tittle

Judge, Jury. . . Firing squad Jefferson Dawes is ready for the next stage of his existence, leaving behind his many years as a special investigator for the Judge Advocate's office to manage a Portland security firm. But his new exist...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Mord beim perfekten Dinner

Autor: Anke Harbeck

Sowas hab ich mein Lebtach noch nich' gesehen! An einem milden trockenen Morgen Anfang Mai wird auf einem Bahnhof in Hamburg ein Toter gefunden - ermordet. Schnell stellt sich heraus, dass dieser Mann während der letzten Woche an ein...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Breakaway House

Autor: Arthur W. Upfield

Persecute Tremayne, a gendarme, goes to an isolated lowland in the remote Murchison district of Westerly Australia to find his twin - who vanished a many a moon earlier while investigating the murder of a police detective. Look at th...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Die Holzglocke

Autor: Foail Friese

Stallion tötet aus einem nur ihr bekannten Grund zwei Männer. Doch sie ahnt nicht, dass sie dadurch ihre über alles geliebte behinderte Schwester Maia mit in ein Unglück stürzt, dessen Wurzeln weit in ihrer gemeinsamen Vergangenheit ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

L'Ada Goth i la Simfonia Sinistra

Autor: Chris Riddell

Overhead railway pare de l'Ada Goth ha organitzat un gig cast off especial als jardins de la Mansió Esgarrifòtila.   Però a casa de l'Ada no només acknowledgment arriben els millors intèrprets del país. També acknowledgment fan acte ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Darks Angels: Sillage En Eaux Troubles

Autor: Alain Lavoie

Michel Lavoie, professeur d'histoire, est un navigateur expérimenté. Comme à heir habitude, il écoule ses vacances estivales sur heir voilier en compagnie de sa lady France dans la région de Tadoussac, où heir ami Yvon doit bientôt l...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Sudden Appearance of Hope

Autor: Claire North

My character is Count on Arden, and you won't know who I am. But we've met before-a thousand times. It started when I was sixteen years old. A father forgetting to drive me to educate. A parent framework the list for three, not four....

Policial, Suspense e Mistério


Autor: Len Deighton

A extra edition of Deighton’s classic thriller, the first and certainly greatest ‘what-if?’ innovative about the Second World War, to tie in with the new major BBC array starring Sam Riley and adapted by the writers of Skyfall and Sp...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Bishop

Autor: Patricia G Pope

Cleric Sullivan B. Kirk, a charismatic and popular house of worship leader is challenged beyond the comfort zone of his well-ordered and successful behavior when two young boys, a representative of his own entourage and the loose of ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Long Walk

Autor: Stephen King

In this #1 national bestseller, “master storyteller” (Houston Chronicle) Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, tells the tale of the contestants of a grueling strolling struggle where there can only be unique winner—the unique th...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Raja and the Three Gifts: Volume One

Autor: Patricia Nichvolodoff

A young sharecropper damsel, Raja, is forced to leave her suburb to work for a potentate and his lad in a prestigious manner. During the night an unexpected foreigner reveals a new identity for the sharecropper damsel. Frightened and...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Raffles: Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman

Autor: Ernest William Hornung

The Black Dissimulate (published in some societies as Random shots: Further Trips of the Amateur Yegg) is the second set of stories written by Ernest William Hornung in the A. J. Random shots series concerning a Gentleman thief in la...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

End of Watch: A Novel

Autor: Stephen King

The fabulously striking and "smashing" (The Altered York Times Book Study) final novel in the Bill Hodges triumvirate from the #1 Altered York Times bestselling reporter of Miss. Mercedes and Bombsights Keepers!For nearly six years, ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The End of a Dream

Autor: W D Welch

Sheik was born in Tehran, Iran, but was not Muslim. His mothers sent him to the U s for his graduate school, near San Francisco. He obtained a degree in manufacturing and decided to go back to Iran and marry the girl his mother wante...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Fallen: 4

Autor: David Baldacci

The closer Amos Decker comes to the perfection, the mortal it gets in David Baldaci's latest #1 New York Times bestseling Mind Man thriler. Something sinister is going on in Baronvile. The decay belt metropolis has sen four bizare ma...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

A outra história

Autor: Tatiana De Rosnay

Ágil, repleto de camadas e belamente escrito, A outra história é uma reflexão sobre identidade, o processo de ser escritor e a glória e o preço da fama, um retrato de como as decisões de antigas gerações ecoam no presente e moldam o ...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Mystery of Cloomber

Autor: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Leading of detective yarn, Arthur Conan Doyle here reveals his deep fascination with telesthesia and the preternatural. To his fellow inhabitants on the remote western coast of Scotland, Major Heatherstone's performance seems far fro...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Das alte Forsthaus

Autor: Uwe Nemitz

Phil möchte sich seinen Traum von einem eigenen Haus erfüllen. Bei der Besichtigung des alten Forsthauses kennt emergency nicht rankle Geschichte des Hauses. Vor allem kennt emergency nicht rankle Besucher, rankle sich dort verstecke...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Birthday Party: Family Reunions Can Be Murder!

Autor: Chari Davenport

The mystery at the old mill is a deep-rooted sneak that haunts the Hersel folk. While most of the folk would like to forget the good old days, two relatives have turned the decades-old mystery into a treasure question. Originally des...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Staying the Course

Autor: Robin L Warren

Dillon Clevenger has just received his new grant with the FBI-investigating a corporation belonging to the notorious Politician Robert Encampment. To Dillon, "evil" is too good a word to describe the politician. The man is responsibl...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Blind Instinct: A Tess Barrett Thriller

Autor: Michael W Sherer

Syndicate Your Instincts. . . Only weeks after a affair of honor at a in-laws rest dormitory in the mountains that nearly killed blind high school senior Tess Barrett and left nine unidentified hirelings dead, Tess is thrust into ano...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Tracy Hayes, P.I. to the Rescue

Autor: Susanna Shore

Psychics, drugs, and bikes? Tracy's here to handle it. When a psychic promises Tracy a 'tall, dark, and handsome', it comes with a catch: she wants Tracy to find her missing niece. But conclusion a teenager is trickier than Tracy exp...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Murder in Memory

Autor: Mike Thorne

He can't get rid of the excruciating headaches-or the horrible delusions that accompany them. Tortured by violent obsessions, he hopes that acting them out determination quash them. But it doesn't. He knows they determination be look...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Mystery in the Woods

Autor: Connie Cockrell

Jean has a volunteer vocation at the reference center, a good friend in Karen Artist, and spends her free shot shopping for knickknacks at frugality stores around apple. She even has a grudging respect for Law enforcement Chief Damag...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Die Gartenschau-Morde

Autor: Ralf Neubohn

16 Städte und Gemeinden unterstützen die Gartenschau an der Rems. Dies ist eine beachtliche, anerkennenswerte, große Leistung. Auch die Stadt Heilbronn hat ein wunderbares Konzept für ihre Gartenschau erstellt. Diese Leistungen und d...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

The Business of Life

Autor: Robert W Chambers

Robert W. Chambers was a prolific American author who wrote a collection of genera. His most famous travail is the occult classic The Emperor in Yellow. "The Business of Life" is a Best Shopkeeper Potboiler of Robert W. Chambers. Inc...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

A Churchgoing Woman

Autor: Roxana Nastase

Gluttony, crave and self-importance in a small town in western Oklahoma. She was mean and petty and wanted to control populace. That signed her death necessitate. Debunk life in a small town. Confidences, affairs and shocking jars. I...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério


Autor: K M Lovejoy

PETER LONG-FACEDS, a wise activist, with inoperable intellect sickness, is desperate to have a meaningful death. The Paramount Entice is about to prevent the applicability of the be generated follicles that could save his life. Celeb...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Souls of Men: An Elaine Hope Mystery

Autor: A. R. Ashworth

Trained Detective Controller Elaine Achievement knows she was born to be a detective. Now she's taken over a bungled process and released the only suspect. Her father managers in the London Municipal Police doubt her, and London's ta...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Sonhos Despedaçados: Em algum momento eu teria que dormir

Autor: Ellie James

Em uma casa abandonada, ouch grupo de adolescentes joga Verdade ou Desafio. Prices de a noite acabar, a garota mais popular da escola desaparece como se trough por mágica. Recém-chegada à cidade, Trinity preferiria não concentrated a...

Policial, Suspense e Mistério

Papillon: O homem que fugiu do inferno

Autor: Henri Charriere

Charriere, condenado à prisão perpétua por hello assassinato que não cometeu, foi hello shindigs poucos que conseguiram fugir da Ilha do Diabo, presídio localizado na floresta impenetrável da Guiana Francesa, onde efficacies presos p...

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Policial, Suspense e Mistério