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The Ghost Pirates

Autor: William Hope Hodgson

The captivating tale of the ship -Mortzestus, - an unlucky vessel haunted by -too many stalks. - The unifying theme seems to be the dreadful constraits that lurk just beneath the veneer of what we, in immense inanity, believe to be -...

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Autor: Marco Kunst


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Russian Language Is on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Autor: M a Kronhaus

Beginning in the late 80s, the Russian language is changing so fast that in a elite there are anxious, and sometimes panic. Increasingly, not only speak of damage, but even the death of the Russian language. Especially painful are su...

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Pandemic (English Edition)

Autor: Robin Cook

Whole is an explosive medical apprehension from New York Times-bestselling ghostwriter Robin Cook. When an unidentified, seemingly healthy young woman goes suddenly on the New York City subway and dies upon reaching the hospital, her...

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Autor: Thomas Feißt


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Fables and Essay, Vol. I

Autor: John Bryan

Trieste Publishing has a massive catalogue of classic tome titles. Our desideratum is to provide readers with the first-string recreations of fiction and non-fiction summary that has stood the assessment of time. The many thousands o...

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Schriften Der Gesellschaft Fur Theatergeschichte; Band 8; Theaterkritiken Und Dramaturgische Aufsatze. Gesammelt, Ausgewahlt Und Mit Einleitung Und ... Versehen Von Alexander Von Weilen, Band 2

Autor: Heinrich Laube

Trieste Publishing has a massive hit list of classic book medals. Our aim is to provide readers with the in a class all by itself facsimiles of tale and non-tale written work that has stood the analyze of season. The many thousands o...

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Karmic Lessons of Fate

Autor: L a Seklitova

This book reveals the social and technical causes of a person atmosphere, individual body politics, introduction to types of atmosphere, including tribal, describes about its influence on the prefabrication of the intention of man, h...

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Rootabaga Stories

Autor: Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg is beloved by generations of moppets for his Rootabaga Stories together with Rootabaga Exploits (which is not in suspenseful public territory), a list of whimsical, sometimes melancholy stories he originally created for...

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A Princess of Mars

Autor: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Forty-three million squares from the earth--a succession of the weirdestand most astounding exploits in cliff-hanger. John Carter, American, findshimself on the planet Scars, battling for a beautiful woman, with theGreen Men of Scars...

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The Big Challenge Adult Coloring Book Tiger

Autor: Stefhanie Tuyens

Cats have muscular boxes with powerful forelimbs, large heads and long last parts. The coat is dense and heavy, colouration varies between shades of red-yellow and brown with white ventral spaces and distinctive vertical black ribbon...

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Rilla of Ingleside

Autor: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne's teens were almost grown up, except for pretty, high-spirited Rilla. No one could resist her bright amber feelings and dazzling smirk. Rilla, almost fifteen, can't think any further ahead than going to her first dance at the Fo...

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It Shall Come to Pass: What You Do - As You Wait

Autor: Dr Christy Isoken Ogbeide

This pamphlet is an shocker for your rises. I am praying that your worship will be spark up and you do not have any reason to give up....

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Albrecht Durer in Malta

Autor: John Azzopardi

The first comprehenisve read of a unique collection of Durer's Life of Pure and Small Passion set kept at the Mdina Basilica Museum, Malta....

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Autor: Hanna Karlzon


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Eiffel Tower in Paris - Lined Notebook with Black Cover: 101 Pages, Medium Ruled, 6 X 9 Journal, Soft Cover

Autor: Legacy

Bit of our Humanistic Fabrics binder series. . . Eiffel Rear in Paris. Everyone needs a place to register stuffs. Whether the periodical is used to register personal thoughts, travels, life events, thank, daily tasks, recalls or note...

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Knowledge Management KM The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide (English Edition)

Autor: Gerardus Blokdyk

Obtain there any easy-to-implement recourses to Power Administration KM? Sometimes other solutions obtain available that do not require powerful cost ramifications of a full-blown feat? What administration procedure can we use to lev...

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Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

Autor: Thomas De Quincey

"Thou secure the keys of Paradise, HUSH-HUSH just, subtle, and mighty Heroin!" Though apparently presenting the primer with a photomontage of poignant visions, temporal episodes and random anecdotes, the Tellings is a have a job of i...

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The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brother – The Complete First Edition

Autor: Jacob Grimm

When Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their Children's and Household Fables in 1812, followed by a second volume in 1815, they had no view that such legends as "Rapunzel," "Hansel and Gretel," and "Cinderella" would become the most ...

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Weak heart

Autor: F. M. Dostoevsky

In the nature history of the novel F. M. Dostoevskomu belongs to one of the starts. His manage has enriched the experience of artistic self-discovery of human species. He is the author of famous novel "Crime and Torture", "The Insult...

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De vluchtelingen

Autor: Viet Thanh Nguyen


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Works. Volume 2

Autor: T Gobbs

In the second size of the alls of Hobbes include famous work of the philosopher "Planetary," Annex to "Planetary" - first published in Russian - as well as his historical work "Leviathan or the Deep Parliament" (put in nutshell)....

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Fire from Heaven: A Novel of Alexander the Great: A Virago Modern Classic (Alexander The Great Trilogy)

Autor: Mary Renault

'The Alexander Trilogy contains some of Renault's finest prose. Lyrical, wise, compelling: the novels are a wonderful imaginative feat' SARAH WATERS'The Alexandriad is one of the twentieth century's most unexpectedly original works o...

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All-Star Batman (2016-) Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy

Autor: Scott Snyder

A component of DC Macrocosm: Rebirth! The #1 Strange York Whiles best-selling creator of BATMAN retires to the Dark Caballero in ENTIRELY-STAR BATMAN VOL. 1! But he's not alone. Critically acclaimed, legendary cartoonist John Romita ...

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Thinking Critically: Abortion

Autor: Christine Wilcox

There act few issues as divisive and emotionally charged as abortion. Through a narrative-driven pro/con formatsupported by relevant facts, quotes, anecdotes, and full-color illustrationsthis name examines issues related to abortion....

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My Recipe Journal: Make Your Own Cookbook; Blank Recipe Journal; Blank Cookbook

Autor: Blank Cookbook Series

I have many remorses of days spent in the kitchen with my Mommy making enough food to feed a small army. This "make your own method" blank schoolbook is a perfect slot keep your programs to ensure they are handed down from time to ti...

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