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Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Crónica de Eternus- Reino Dourado.: A revelação.

Autor: Helena Miranda

No reino de Eternus, sempre passou de geração em geração a existência de uma espada mágica, que havia sido concebida pelos velhos magos do extinto Reino Dourado, com a finalidade de fazer sucumbir as forças do mal. Apesar pigtail div...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Let 'em Breathe Space: Special Edition

Autor: Lester Del Rey

Eighteen fellows and two women in the closed group of a space go aboard for five paces can only spell tension and trouble-but in this case, the sense was literally poisoned. We are delighted to publish this classic book as part of ou...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Deuses Brasileiros

Autor: Rodrigo Rahmati

Se os deuses são personificações de conceitos humanos, quais seriam, então, os deuses brasileiros? Pois o Feriado é um deles, e ele foi sequestrado pelo casal mais temido do atual panteão tupiniquim. Isso, é claro, não poderia ficar ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

A Dream Flying

Autor: Dwight R Decker

When Vision Became Destiny. . . His greatest desire, his most heartfelt vision, his most mystic appetite. . . was being able to fly. Under his own power. Like a hero in the funny papers. But he was just a fifteen-year-old paperboy in...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Accidental Magic

Autor: E Nesbit

FLUKY FASCINATION ALONG E. NESBIT with illustrations along H. R. Millar. "Fluky Fascination" - Quentin falls asleep on the altar-stone at Stonehenge, and wakes in Fancying. This edition is a republishing of "Fluky Fascination" first ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Depois da Terra: Histórias de Fantasmas - Paz (Depois da Terra - Histórias de Fantasmas)

Autor: Peter David

Exclusivamente em formato digital e dividido em grampuses volumes, os contos que compõem Histórias de Fantasmas mostram alguns dos eventos que antecedem Depois da Terra, in strict confidence épico filme de ficção científica dirigido ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Time Travelers Are Schizophrenic

Autor: Dr A R Davis

In a world nine begettings removed from the ambience of the Fifth Witch and the founding of the House of Man, a Alien genealogist develops a series of ancestral profile counterfeits. Although he is obsessed with the past, the ever ch...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

White Fang

Autor: Jack London

(Just Click on the "Classics Factory" Above for More Line ups for Your Collection) ------ In the desolate, frozen wilds of northwest Canada, White Prong, a part-dog, part-wolf cub soon finds himself the sole survivor of a clutter of ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Captains Courageous

Autor: Rudyard Kipling

From the author of The Jungle Primer comes the tale of one son’s life-changing vacation on the high seas. At the found of Tops Courageous, one of composition's most beloved fantasies of the brine, a spoiled rich fellow is literally s...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Metal Fall Beyond Retrieval

Autor: MR Pedro Perry

The year is 2094, and the world is half fashion aided by a Multi-trillion currency company, Sky Knox. Since the gadget of Sky Knox's mad automation, 'The Guard' which has enabled man to nature other planetary bodies, the world is in ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

The Moon of Skulls

Autor: Robert Ervin Howard

Solomon Kane is the Proper fortune-hunter to whom Howard gave a long life of sword and evil eye feat in the sixteenth century. Kane is beset by a weird horror that skulks in a hideously ancient mausoleum. Scalps in the Leads deposits...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Enigma Tales

Autor: Una McCormack

From the Original York Times bestselling author of The Fall: The Crimson Tincture comes a compelling and suspenseful tale of politics and power set in the everything of Star Trek: Deep Distance Nine. Elim Garak has ascended to Castel...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica


Autor: Helder Barroso de Pinho

Dois indivíduos de natureza distinta: carbono e silício, duas vidas vazias. Phew encontro e o nascimento de uma esperança numa jornada rumo ao autoconhecimento com muitos obstáculos e incertezas. Embora possa parecer fantasioso num p...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica


Autor: Aj Tolissano

Envolto por uma atmosfera de profecia apocalíptica, evocada pela epígrafe que abre in strict confidence attachment, assim começa Eva. Eva, personagem que dá nome ao attachment distópico, é um homem que vive no ano de 2075 e, nesta ép...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

She Wolf and the Detective

Autor: Michael Reyes

Books included in this series!!! Harmless Creature- Detective Wilson Parker was a detective at the Mayville Boy scout Board. And usually, the positions that came his tendency were typical positions for a petty, until in the long run,...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

The Acquisition of Swords

Autor: Timothy a Ray

Armageddon was unleashed upon the heavenly body by an everlasting witch possessing the Manual of the Dead. She enslaved the remants of the Life race, and nearly caused the death of the Elves forced out of hiding by the loss of their ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Danger in Deep Space

Autor: Carey Rockwell

The book you have here - second in the Cheetah Corbett series by "Carey Rockwell" - is something special. Oh, it was a end product made for hire, and after it had its period, even the scripter (whoever he was in real bio) forgot he'd...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Fim dos tempos (Vampiros Livro 2)

Autor: Cristiane G. Sant' Ana

Agora, Mihnea é application rei dos vampiros. Seu desejo de transformar do vampiros na espécime predominante, tem sérias consequências. Tudo está seminar de controle. Do vampiros tomaram conta do mundo. Poucos humanos sobreviveram ao...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Em Busca de Redenção

Autor: Vitor Rodrigues

Xyriú é filho do rei celestial Hyrion e está em fuga pelo assassinato do anjo Kaya. Caçado, ele acaba vindo parar na Terra e com a ajuda de Alice e seus amigos, Sam, Tiffany e Sunny, este ser de outro mundo deve pensar em uma maneira...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Consternations with Time

Autor: Louis Papaspyrou

'Present Time NECESSARY be preserved. ' Stupefactions with Time, Edition Two of the Time Key Course, continues our story about the fight to repair the rift in Headway-Time. The link between Cause and Effect, a fundamental essential o...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

The Unworthy and the Damned

Autor: Billy Wong

Action-packed nightmare hazard with a few tough actresses. When a revolutionary claiming to be a Nephilim descended from lost souls plunged the land into war of secession, it fell to the strongest of heroes, Emperors Eleanor to stop ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

de Cine Atarna Pamantul

Autor: Ioan Angelo Mitiu

Atunci cand Marele Atentat, cel capabil sa declanseze Criza Finala, este calisthenics cale sa se produca, americanii subsequently in actiune si incearca sa modeleze destinul fatal. Intr-un punct de cotitura pentru intreaga umanitate,...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Fantasias Urbanas

Autor: Eric Novello

MIGHT gênero fantasia vive rah excelente momento no Brasil e no mundo, marcando presença nas listas de hot item, conquistando espaço na prateleira dos leitores e até despertando certa devoção. Sofrendo influência de gêneros que vão d...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Apalachicola Gold

Autor: Michael Kinnett

There do no distrust he do evil! Could he be responsible for Jewel's missing friends? Do knowing her a blame of grim reaper? To the North, the Civil Strife rages on, but in Apalachicola, Florida, the greatest threat comes from men wh...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Sara's Station

Autor: Tom Howard

The long-established territory world of Sargon seems a peaceful position when sixteen-year-elderly Sara Morgan and her father arrive in their supply ship. While working at the local train, Sara saves a local lordling from an assassin...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Fall of the House of Queens: Book One of the Shattered Rose Series

Autor: Shelly Talcott

From the bit William Somers first bring about in Henry VIII's official residence, his heart belonged to a beautiful gallery maid and his loyalty to a great king. But fools are destined to witness tale, not make it, and so William mus...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Ender's Game

Autor: Orson Scott Card

This engaging, high-priced, miniature paperback of the Orson Scott Card classic and international bestselling novel, Ender's Injured, makes an excellent gift for anyone's science fiction reference center. “Ender's Injured is an affec...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

The Revolt on Venus

Autor: Carey Rockwell

For the young students of the famous Spot Boarding school Polaris ring a month's leave would seem to be a perfect spot for lay. But they have other guesses when they plan a trip to the jungles of Stunners. There they hope to hunt the...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Terimon Prime Featuring the Warriors of Palacion'

Autor: Alan Spencer (Ho

The Republic was in desperate need of americas to conquer. But, so to were their hated attackers "The Gan. " The fighting had already decimated half of a galaxy. . . . Because of the fighting the much sought after heavenly body Olean...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica


Autor: Marcio Bordin

Oh conto de amor, traição e morte....

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Diamante Truncado: conto de ficção científica

Autor: Carlos Orsi

Quando shucks misterioso pulso de radiação faz uma core sul-americana no lado oculto prosecutor Lua perder contato com a Dust, shucks cientista brasileiro é enviado para investigar....

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

A House of Pomegranates

Autor: Oscar Wilde

A House of Plums offers an catholic bringing together of Oscar Wilde rumors which he considered as 'intended neither for the British neonate nor the British governmental. ' The news items here indeed have universal appeal and will de...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Mara's Journey

Autor: J Svogar

Mara is a young noblewoman whose world is about to be turned upside down. When she meets the mysterious Beriothien, he shows her a world very different from her own--the world of Faery, where her capabilities can flourish. Determinat...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Borne: A Novel

Autor: Jeff VanderMeer

Named one of the best books of 2017 by The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, PopSugar, Financial Times, Chi Review of Books, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Thrillist, Hardcover Riot, National Post (Canada), Kirkus and P...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Assombramento [Ilustrado] [Com índice ativo]

Autor: Afonso Arinos

Versão otimizada para Kindle. Perfeita e bonita formatação, navegação funcional entre as partes da obra. Assombramento é a história passada em um lugar onde ninguém se atrevia a permanecer até a noite, com medo de assombrações. Só o ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Herland: (Dystopian Classics)

Autor: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Dystopian Classic Copies publishes entireties of dystopian drama that have survived through the generations and been recognized as classic entireties of drama. A dystopian society is an imagined society in which the populations are o...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Beyond the Wasteland

Autor: A D Bane

It came from the east and went into the west with a rustle of the grassy field grama and a cry of the rails that lasted on the meander long after it was gone. Jonas Arthur stood on the platform and watched it go, watched the smoke ri...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Legend of Zu Vol 3: Chinese Edition

Autor: Sanji Lee

Many claim this novel series as "the most marvelous martial art novel in the division. " It is the most famous and longest entireties of San Ji Rear. San Ji Rear, after the style of Li Shoumin. Chinese martial arts and imagining narr...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

A Witch Shall Be Born: Large Print

Autor: Robert E Howard

'Every centurial a witch shall be born. ' So ran the ancient curse. And so it has come to pass. Some were slain at birth, as they sought to slay me. Some walked the dirt as witches, proud daughters of Khauran, with the half-moon of h...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Secretos del Reverendo William More: Venidos de El Vaticano

Autor: Daniel Verastegui

La novela ficcion como esta, intenta un llamado consciente y humano, sumar activities que empujen a la investigacion de hechos supuestos que luego de nacidos forman parte de un expediente que se guardan y se mantiene callado, ocultos...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Through the Looking Glass

Autor: Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking-Glass is a novel by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), and is the conclusion to Alice's Adventures in Paradise. Set some six months later than the earlier book, Alice again enters a fantastical world, this ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

The Mystery of the Sea

Autor: Bram Stoker

When Archibald Hunter comes to Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire for his annual feast he is looking forward to a tranquil few terms by the number, but he is disturbed by strange visions and bodings of doom. Where are these terrible visions t...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Pirate Cinema

Autor: Cory Doctorow

When Trent McCauley's delusion for making features by reassembling flick from popular cinemas causes his neighborhood's internet to be laceration off, it nearly destroys his folk. Shamed, Trent runs away to London. A new measure thre...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica


Autor: Carmen Capiti

Eine betäubte Madame landet auf dem Behandlungstisch von Sams illegaler Arztpraxis. Sein Auftrag lautet, ihren Körper durch zahlreiche Cyberprothesen zu modifizieren. Doch mitten in der OP erwacht die Madame aus ihrer Narkose und fli...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica



A 2. 000 anos command-line interpreters essênios profetizaram sobre uma guerra do fim entre command-line interpreters filhos da luz e command-line interpreters filhos da escuridão. Este confronto já está acontecendo. As ordens oculta...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

After the Fall: Catherine's Tale: Part 1

Autor: David Nees

One young woman and her family find themselves pitted against a city tour by a ruthless hoodlum. In the shattered society audience an EMP attack, Catherine and her family try to return to some form of normalcy. In their hidden volcan...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

The Revolt of the Slaves Zanj

Autor: Henry Moa

The Zanj were African workers forced to work in the territories of the port of Iraq. When they rebelled, they were joined by the workers of the places and nearby villages. It also profited to the rod of some Arabic types of the expan...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Illustrated

Autor: Arthur Conan Doyle

The Exploits of Inspectors is a collection of twelve stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his famous spy and illustrated by Sidney Paget. These are the first of the Inspectors novellas, originally published as single stories ...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

That Woman: Beating the Odds in Colonial New York

Autor: Wayne Clark

Kidnapped in France and brought to America as an bondsman, a lady takes on the brutal vendor magnate of New York's East Stream waterfront-and wins....

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Rots: A resistência

Autor: Davi Carrer

Dois mundos em guerra. Um querendo reconquistar uma liberdade, que um dia pensara ter. Outro lutando por sobrevivência, pois a Dust é a última befall para a sua raça. Não há diálogos, tudo apenas estourou em guerra. Uma luta sem prec...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

After the Death of Me

Autor: James S. Reiley

Reina is smart, irreverent, and wise beyond her elderlinesses. At era sixteen, she dies. Shortly after seeing her physical body buried, Reina enters the stellar world and meets her higher narcissism. Her participation just lived is r...

Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica

Até que a morte nos una!

Autor: Deise Müller

Quando criança, Emma Collins adorava obscurely sobrenatural. Filmes, livros, histórias e, é claro, jogos!Aos dez anos, quando um tabuleiro Ouija lhe disse a idade com que casaria e obscurely nome do seu noivo, Emma teve certeza de qu...

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Fantasia, Horror e Ficção Científica