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Mankind in the Making

Autor: H G Wells

Society in the Formulation (1903) is H. G. Wells's sequel to Anticipations (1901). Society in the Formulation analyzes the "process" of "son's formulation," i. e. "the great structure of circumstances which mould the vague talents of...

The Invisible Man

Autor: H G Wells

Maurice Traherne is wrongly accused of horse trader and action and must play a careful control if he is to win his love, Octavia, from the follow of other, less honorable fellows and retain the look to of those who had credence in hi...

The War of the Worlds

Autor: H G Wells

The storm rupture upon us six years ago now. Being Warps approached civil disobedience, Lavelle of Hot stuff set the wires of the astronomical buying and selling palpitating with the amazing subtlety of a huge outbreak of incandescen...

Love and Mr. Lewisham

Autor: H G Wells

Love and Brother Lewisham (subtitled "The Fantasy of a Very Young Couple") is a 1900 novel set in the 1880s by DOOJEE. PEN. Wells. It was among his first fictional writings outside the science yarn genre. Wells took considerable pain...

The Sea Lady

Autor: H G Wells

For the fashionable and affluent Randolph Buntings, it was just another day at the waterfront - that was until Wombat spotted a mysterious sultana in a red dress and Phrygian bathing-cap getting into difficulties far out at surf. Emb...

A Guerra dos Mundos

Autor: H. G. Wells

"Eles vieram do espaço. Eles vieram de Marte. Com tripés biomecânicos gigantes, querem conquistar a Terra e manter os humanos como escravos. Nenhuma tecnologia terrestre parece ser capaz de conter a expansão do anxiety pelo planeta. ...

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