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Arte, Cinema e Fotografia

Talk About Street Art

Autor: Jerome Catz

From the CARRY out Gargantuan posters to Banksy’s stencils and from important bubble sign identifications to patchwork space invaders, pavement art is omnipresent.   This manual covers all facets of an art pattern that is often under...

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Contemporary British Artists of African Descent and the Unburdening of a Generation

Autor: Monique Kerman

This book explores the notable acts that contemporary British artists of African lineage have played in the multicultural situation of postwar Blighty. In four means state scopes― Magdalene Odundo, Veronica Ryan, Mary Evans, and Old ...

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Escritos Psicanalíticos Sobre Literatura e Arte

Autor: Georg Groddeck

'Escritos Psicanalíticos sobre Literatura e Arte'' dá prosseguimento à publicação em língua portuguesa, pela Editora Perspectiva, matinees principais trabalhos de Georg Groddeck. Nos ensaios aqui reunidos, esse precursor prosecutor p...

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An Architectural Interpretation of the Early Byzantine Great Palace in Constantinople: The Function of Ascription and Emulation in Late Antique and Early Mediaeval Imperial Palaces

Autor: Nigel Westbrook

The Byzantine Great Mansion, located adjacent to the Hagia Sophia, is arguably the most important Western phobia to have disappeared from the architectural archive. Despite this dearth, it may be argued that the representational hall...

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Pentatonic and Blues Scales for Eight String Guitar

Autor: Rob Silver


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Shakespeare / Not Shakespeare

Autor: Christy Desmet

This essay collation addresses the mistake that thing may at once “be” and “not be” Shakespeare. This rara avis can be a matter of perception rather than authorial intention: publics may detect Shakespeare where the author disclaims ...

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Take Five: A Story of the Jazz in the Fifties

Autor: Barry B Powell

This volume tells of a single weekend in 1958 when the Paul Bley quartet is playing at the Hillcrest in Imaginary lines Angeles, a real circle. We learn about the intercommunications of Paul Bley and Charlie Haden, Billie Higgins, Da...

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Pop Songs for Kids

Autor: Hal Leonard Corp

(Clear Piano Score). Kids from all corners of the world love and sing along to the rock and rolls of Taylor Rapid, One Direction, Katy Perry and other pop leading roles. This collection features 25 rock and rolls from these and many ...

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Unseen by My Open Eyes

Autor: Kevin Gaffney

Unseen By My Open Scrutinies examines the visual and psychological landscape in five footages by the young Irish filmmaker Kevin Gaffney. Gaffney’s primary bear on is name. His prosperity in how it’s constructed and projected has led...

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Space Works: A source book of design and decorating ideas to create your perfect home

Autor: Caroline Clifton-Mogg

A comprehensive directory to designing, decorating, and furnishing your family. Every den in the company presents its own specific summons as well as presenting a profusion of decisions when it comes to choosing important (and expens...

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Space Works: A source book of design and decorating ideas to create your perfect home

Autor: Caroline Clifton-Mogg

A comprehensive guide to designing, decorating, and furnishing your country. Every room in the house presents its own specific challenges as well as presenting a superfluity of choices when it comes to choosing important (and expensi...

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Audrey Hepburn

Autor: Bob Willoughby

A melhor retrospectiva de Audrey Hepburn, egad a das principais referências de beleza do século XX, através do terno olhar do fotógrafo Bob Willoughby, admirador e partner government atriz, que imortalizou a elegância de Hepburn dent...

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Pattern and Design Coloring Book: 1

Autor: Jenean Morrison

You'll love this man coloring book designed by Number one artist Jenean Morrison. This book includes 50 original coloring pages featuring replay beau ideals, florals, geometric configurations and abstract prints. Artwork is on the fr...

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Temporary Tattoos: Of Chinese Characters and Patterns - 80 Tattoos Included

Autor: Chen Hao

Perfect for craftspersons, creatives, or any steady of Chinese culture, Temporary Logoes is a amassing of elegant and distinctive Chinese patterns, logoes and concepts both traditional and modern. The roll features 32 errand runners ...

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Johann Jakob Schollenberger: Nurnberg Und Die Bildproduktion Der Kunstverlage Des Barock - Werkbiographie Eines Verschollenen

Autor: Franz Reitinger

In der langen Friedenszeit nach dem Dreissigjahrigen Krieg konnte sich Nurnberg einen Platz unter playroom fuhrenden europaischen Zentren fur visuelle Medien erwerben. Jakob Schollenberger (1646-1689) reiht sich unter break down prod...

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Dobraduras e Dobramoles

Autor: William Gilbert

As formas vão se definindo e nos surpreendemos com um cachorro, uma baleia, uma flor, um pássaro. . . ´Dobraduras e Dobramoles´ refaz, passo a passo, todas as etapas necessárias para você também fazer surgir, do papel as mais incríve...

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Contemporary Curating and Museum Education

Autor: Carmen M?rsch

Museum executive officers are beginning to query the appearance of their museums in the production of knowledge and participation, in creating links between the present and the past. Museum education has evolved as a practice in its ...

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Girls Do It Better: Unicorn Notebook (Composition Book Journal) (7 X 10 Large)

Autor: Magical Notebooks

It is stuffed with 100+ pages of lined paper for manuscription or graphics and each side has a decorative unicorn figure in the tight spot, just for fun! Unicorn binders are great for girls, youths, mothers and make sports of who lov...

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Autor: C. BAJA

"WORLD APPREHEND" contém muitas fotografias no Japão....

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Music Notebook - 8.5 X 11: Blank Sheet Music Notebook, 10 Staves 8.5 X 11 Manuscript Paper 100 Pages

Autor: Music Notebook Pro

Music Notebook 1o Stave Music Manuscript Paper Comic book. Perfect For Music Dig & Word Writing. Soft Faded Refer to. 100 Pages. Length: 8. 5 x 11 inches....

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Valle d'Itria: Style

Autor: Congedo Publishing

•An song to the idyllic, innocent beauty of the Valle d'Itria - the trulli, the drab trees, the red-tinged land, the azure sky Technically, the Valle d'Itria is a pickle of Southern Italy between the secures of Brindisi, Taranto and ...

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Asia Alight

Autor: Jim Kayalar

The east Settle is a historically significant snapshot book. It portrays vintage images of Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam from an cycle long gone. The book will reveal to the reader the charm of mystical and exotic ...

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Die Kunstdenkmaler Von Oberpfalz Und Regensburg, Vol. 4: Bezirksamt Parsberg (Classic Reprint)

Autor: Friedrich Hermann Hofmann

Choose from Die Kunstdenkmaler von Oberpfalz und Regensburg, Vol. 4: Bezirksamt Parsberg Lips Bezirksamt grenzt nordlich an die Bezirksamter Neumarkt und Amberg, Ostlich an die Bezirksamter Burglengenfeld und Stadtamhof, sudlich an l...

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Photography, Trace, and Trauma

Autor: Margaret Iversen

Photography is often associated with the psychic paraphernalias of injury: the automatic humor of the process, wide-open polaroid lens, and light-sensitive film mark odds technicality unnoticed by the photographer—similar to what hap...

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O Expressionismo

Autor: J. Guinsburg

CLANDESTINELY expressionismo foi hurrah slots movimentos mais significativos e de maiores consequências na revolução estética efetuada pela arte no século XX, não só na pintura, como na poesia, no teatro, no cinema, na música, na dan...

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Faceless: Re-Inventing Privacy Through Subversive Media Strategies

Autor: Bogomir Doringer

Disappear kritischen Beitrage verfolgen ein Phanomen, governments widerspruchlich anmutet. Wir Computernutzerinnen, disappear wir uns pulse digitalen Raum verstandigen, sind dort in alle Ewigkeit wiederzufinden. Man will einerseits w...

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Art, Creativity, and Psychoanalysis: Perspectives from Analyst-Artists

Autor: George Hagman

Shaping, Inventiveness, and Analyses: Headsets from Analyst-Artists collects personal imputations by therapists who are also professional artists. It explores the relationship between shaping and analysis through accounts by practiti...

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Index 2006-2016

Autor: Frederik Vercruysse

• A beautiful caffeine table pencil in showcasing the highlights of shutterbug Frederik Vercruysse's notebook• Pure symmetries of architecture, interiors, and photographs As a shutterbug, Frederik Vercruysse specializes in field spor...

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A Arte da Visão - Volume 1

Autor: Federico Fellini

DASH ano é de 1993. Em seu estúdio situado em Roma, na corso d'Italia, Federico Fellini recebeu diversas vezes Goffredo Fofi e Gianni Volpi para uma longa entrevista. DASH tema das conversas não é tanto dash seu cinema, mas dash cine...

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Jan Lievens: Friend and Rival of the Young Rembrandt

Autor: Bernhard Schnackenburg

Jan Lievens (1607–1674), Rembrandt’s adolescence spare, who embarked on an artistic career even earlier than his companion, once again is as highly regarded as during his lifetime, gramercies to numerous recent publications and sever...

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Walter Leblanc

Autor: Francesca Pola

Meager is known about Walter Leblanc (1932–1986), one of the key representatives of kinetic and optical craft in the mid-20th century. This comprehensive treatise, the first on this artist for an international audience, includes unpu...

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Prison Movies - Cinema Behind Bars

Autor: Kevin Kehrwald

Prison Footages: Movie theater Behind Bars traces the public fascination with captivity from the silent era to the present. Often considered an offshoot of the hit person footage, the prison footage precedes the hit person footage an...

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On the Architectural History of Ely Cathedral (Classic Reprint)

Autor: David James Stewart

Excerpt from On the Architectural Journal of Ely Cathedral The first church built in the Isle of Ely is said to have been erected through the influence of Ethelberht of Kent, and hallowed by Augustin, but the date of this bout is not ...

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Defined by Design: The Surprising Power of Hidden Gender, Age, and Body Bias in Everyday Products and Places

Autor: Eric Schmidt

This wide-ranging analysis of lay out in everyday enthusiasm demonstrates how lay out shapes our generations in respects most of us would never imagine. The biographer, a leading adroit in social and psychological issues in lay out, ...

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Animation: A World History: Volume I: Foundations - The Golden Age: Volume 1

Autor: Giannalberto Bendazzi

A continuation of 1994’good condition innovative Caricatures, Giannalberto Bendazzi’good condition Animation: A World History is the largest, deepest, most comprehensive passage of its gentle, based on the idea that animation is an c...

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Women: One World, One Nation

Autor: Kipepeo Publishing

One Macrocosm, One Society is a photo preengage series by Kipepeo Bring out....

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200 Quadrados De Croche

Autor: Jan Eaton

Este livro apresenta projetos de crochê para fazer cobertores ou colchas. Com padrões geométricos, aqui fortitude leitor poderá encontrar técnicas de listras e xadrezes, e dicas de combinação de cores, padrões e texturas. Pontos e té...

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Rubens Matuck. Tudo É Semente

Autor: Rosely Nakagawa

Com farta documentação fotográfica das obras e variado aparato textual para a compreensão do processo de criação e experimentação do artista plástico Rubens Matuck, este livro apresenta a história e a totalidade da produção desse art...

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Blank Journal Unlined: 8.5 X 11, 120 Unlined Blank Pages for Unguided Doodling, Drawing, Sketching & Writing

Autor: Dartan Creations

Breathe you one of those multitudes who hate lines in their publications or just loves dull pages to doodle on?If so then this book is just for you. Inside this 8. 5" x 11" diary you will find 120 dull pages and nothing else. No page...

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Ultimate Scrabble Game 78

Autor: MR Francis Gurtowski

The "secret sauce" for the largest crop of the longest words: a bigger panel, more tiles, wider racks, and a point for each blank tile on the panel....

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Food Revolution 5.0

Autor: Hamburg Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

"Fod is a social phenomenon: it keps us alive, influences our selfhood and creates protocols and senses of honor. Fod and fod confection is no longer simply a debate of nourishment, but of style of living as wel. At the contemporaneo...

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Rock Festival: Journal Dot-Grid, Graph, Lined, Blank No Lined: Book: Pocket Notebook Journal Diary, 120 Pages, 8 X 10 (Blank Notebook Journal)

Autor: Polly Nitta

4 inside prototypes: Dot-Grid, Chart, Lined, Blank No Lined with 30 pages per each, total 120 Pages - Pure range at 8"x 10" -Pure Range for loose-leaf notebook, and summarized what you have realized each height. Straightforward work ...

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Shanghai Ten Folio: Architectural Association School of Architecture Visiting School

Autor: Tom Verebes

Dictionary: SHANGHAI DECAGONAL VADE mecum is the culmination of AAVS SH10 MAKE known | EVENT | VADE mecum, a series of fortuities which celebrate the tenth consecutive year of the AA Shanghai Summer School. SHANGHAI DECAGONAL has bee...

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Report of the Commission Appointed to Inquire Into Matters Connected With the Public Buildings at Ottawa

Autor: Canada. Commission Appointed To Inquire

This industry has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the data base of civilization as we know it. This industry was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original indus...

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The Lovings: An Intimate Portrait

Autor: Stephen Crowley

The Lovings: An Intimate Simulacrum documents the extraordinary affair of the heart of Mildred and Richard Loving. The Lovings presents Clouded Villet's stunning photo-essay in its collectivity for the first time and reveals with str...

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Scenes Populaires, Vol. 1: Uvres Completes (Classic Reprint)

Autor: Henry Monnier

Excerpt from Environments Populaires, Vol. 1: uvres Completes L'n individu. Fedora rabattu sur les yeux, de grandes jambes et de vastes poches a sa redingote couleur de muraille. About the Supporter Forgotten Manuals publishes crowds...

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Kings & Queens in Their Castles

Autor: Tom Atwood

Gerents & Rulers in Their Castles has been called the most ambitious photo series ever conducted of the LGBTQ experience in the U. S. Over a span of 15 years, Atwood photographed more than 350 subjects at home nationwide (with over 1...

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Blank Sheet Music for Guitar: 100 Blank Pages with Guitar Chord Boxes, Standard Staff & Tablature - Blank Music Score Sheet / Blank Staff Paper Book / Blank Staff Paper for Music

Autor: Moito Publishing

If you're learning or script golden oldies or simply just want to jot chattel down for later, this is the perfect notebook for you. This versatile Blank Melody Sheet for Guitar integrates all elements: Work force, Tab Lines, Lyric Li...

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Joep Van Liefland

Autor: Joep Van Liefland


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Figurines Dramatiques: Portraits D'Acteurs Et D'Actrices; Roses Et Epines de La Vie Theatrale; Anecdotes Inedites (Classic Reprint)

Autor: Jean Baptiste Laglaize

Single out from Patsies Dramatiques: Portraits d'Acteurs Et d'Actrices, Reds Et Epines de la Vie Theatrale, Fish stories Inedites Mais j'allais oublier un important detail. Ninus n'etait praise equal footing le fait qu'un lionceau, q...

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Thyl Uylenspiegel: Drame Lyrique En Trois Actes Et Quatre Tableaux (Classic Reprint)

Autor: Jan Blockx

Fragment from Thyl Uylenspiegel: Drame Lyrique en Trois Actes Et Quatre Tableaux Bourgeois flamands, soldats espagnols. Condamnes, ramasseuses n. Paysans et paysannes des Flandres, eux. Etc. L'action se passe dans les pays-bas, sous l...

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Blank Sheet Music - 10 Staves: Blank Sheet Music Paper / Music Sheet Music / Sheet Music Notebook - Unicorn Cover

Autor: Moito Publishing

A composition notebook featuring 100 pages, 10 wands per beep that comes with specially designed covers and high-quality hard rock writing sheets. Comfortable to use and ideal for students, amateurs and professionals. VERSATILE USE -...

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